About DC Construction

DCC was formed with two partners that both have strong construction experience, Jess Dawson and Shad Cristando. Shad and Jess both bring a broad spectrum of project management experience while working on residential projects to multibillion dollar projects.

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Our Vision

Be a premier construction, and project management organization that achieves exceptional results bringing value to our clients, partners, and team members.

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Our Values

  • Ethics – Always be honest and fair and demonstrate the highest level of Integrity.
  • Safety & Health– Always keeping our team members, partners, and the community safe.
  • Quality– It is imperative to perform work properly the first time to be bring a quality value to our customers.
  • Relationships– To establish long lasting relationships with all stakeholders involved in our organization.
  • People– As service provider it is imperative that the individuals working for us feel they bring purpose to our organization.

Meet The Team

DCC believes that we have the proper values and work experience to create a premier company in this industry. Our team is aware that it is going to take a lot of work, effort, and commitment but we truly feel that it can be done with establishing great partners to help in our success as well.

Jess Dawson

Shad Cristando